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General BCD and wing parts and spares.

Parts specific to a particular size of wing are given under that wing on the BCDs and Wings page.

Cam bands and buckles

CB-1. Standard plastic cam band buckle.                    £3.20  Add to cart


CB-2. Stainless steel cam band buckle.                         £8.90  Add to cart

Standard design as CB-1.

See  cam band TCB-2 for back view


CB-3 Stainless steel cam band buckle.. Quick release.     £10.80  Add to cart


 Cam band. TCB-1  39" long with rubber anti slip pad       £9.95 Add to cart

and velcro fastening. Standard plastic buckle (as pictured


Cam band  TCB-2  39"long Heavy duty.                       £14.95  Add to cart


Cam band  TCB-3 39"long Heavy duty as above             £15.95 Add to cart out of stock

but with CB-3 buckle.


Twin cam band. TCB-4  Extra long band with pinned      £16.95  Add to cart

separator block and two anti slip pads. see below.

Separator block. Pictured above with TCB4.Used with two cam bands or (to stabilise a twin set if a twin boot is not used) See above for extra long band and block as a set. The picture shows the pinned version sold with the TCB 4.         

£4.25.  Add to cart

Twin set 1  kit comprising four cam bands (TCB-1)with standard plastic buckles and two separator blocks.   £45.95  Add to cart


Twin set 2  kit comprising four cam bands (TCB-2) with stainless buckles and two separator blocks  £59.95   Add to cart


Twin set kit 3  comprising four cam bands with stainless buckles (TCB-3) and two separator blocks    £63.95  Add to cart

Over pressure valves

BCD  over pressure valve. Complete assembly

Fits many makes of bcd, lift bags, rebreathers, dsmbs etc.. Suits early Red Hat Diving BCDs with fine thread.

For later models with coarse thread see below


Add to cart




Classic over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread.

Cord coming from the middle    £3.50   Add to cart


Innova swivel over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread. Cord comes out at right angle     £3.50    Add to cart


Wing and BCD parts miscellaneous

Replacement drop pouches

Suitable for weight pockets , weight harnesses and Orion BCD


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Backplate bookscrew. One set male and female

£1.90      Add to cart   out of stock


BCD inflator hose

70cm             Standard or Extraflex


Standard   £15.80   Add to cart

Extraflex   £18.80  Add to cart


More hoses are available on the hoses page

Inflator valve hose connector.

Fits  hoses above. Doesn't fit the Mk1 inflator


£2.80 Add to cart

Seapro New style as fitted to Orion, Origin, Nuovo and Maximus 2010 on


£21.00  add to cart

Silicone hose or bungee cord for wings


Silicone hose    £5.00 per metre  out of stock




Bungee cord 4mm   

£0.75   per metre   add to cart

£6.80   per 10 meter roll  add to cart

£13.00 per 20 meter roll  add to cart  out of stock

Wing and Bladder Spares.


This is only a small selection. All the major components are on BCDs and Wings

Spares for parts particular to a specific size of wing are listed under that wing on the BCD and Wings page  BCDs and wings

The foundation for all wings is a good quality backplate. The Red Hat Diving backplate will last you a lifetime.

All the holes and slots you are likely to need.

The latest batch have "RED HAT" laser cut down the spine. Doesn't make any difference to its use but I had one whinger who complained because it wasn't the same as the pic

Made in UK from 316 marine grade, laser cut and rumbled to take off all sharp edges. Gives a dull slightly matt look. Some of the plates have slight marks where they have rubbed against each other in the rumbler but to rumble each one individually would put the price up.           3mm     2.3kg/5lbs  


£79.00  Add to cart


Aluminium back plate with all the slots and holes you need to suit any configuration of twin or single cylinders. weight 760 grams. 

Blue, black and red shown but

also available Sopras Sub in silver but with fewer holes and slots





Black Add to cart  
Silver Add to cart  
Blue Add to cart  
Red Add to cart  


Poseidon type backplate.

Fits all harnesses except the Premium. A good looking piece of kit and lightweight for travel.



With softpad         £35.00     Add to cart out of stock

Without softpad


Twinning adaptor plate AP-001


Made in Yorkshire, laser cut then rumbled


Convert easily from single to twins

Weighs 1kg approx

Latest version has a series of 3 holes at the top and a slot at the bottom. Suits hole centres from 24cm-31.5cm

316 marine grade stainless adaptor.  Bolts on behind the wing allowing the convenient fitting of twin cylinders using four cam bands and two separator blocks. Convert easily from singles to twins.

Suits most wings but particularly suitable for the Premium harness.


       £49.00   add to cart

Single tank adaptor  STA   AP-002


One piece bolt on to take 1 or 2 cambands.

Marine grade stainless, laser cut and rumbled.


£32.00   Add to cart





Single tank adaptor AP-003  

lightweight version of AP-002


Price is per pair.


£19.90    Add to cart

Sport Harness components


Email me for any harness parts needed.

Top central webbing with reinforcing ring £16.50.

Shoulder strap. Left or right.  with D ring, female buckle etc £29.90 each.

Lower webbing with male part of buckle and D ring  £8.50 each.

Soft pad £5.00.


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