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BCD and Wing user guide

BCD operating and using manual                 

Please print and refer to this for your safety and the long life of your BCD


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BCD Operating Guide

Thank you for your decision to purchase a Red Hat Buoyancy Control System. Familiarise yourself with the operation and care before use

Buoyancy control System is intended for use by individuals practising safe diving principals.


Do not use your BCD for buoyant ascents during normal diving. This could result in loss of control or an ascent at a speed that could result in injury or death.

Do not use your BCD as a lift bag

Before use a successful completion of a course in scuba diving must be taken.

Never breathe from the bladder assembly. This was not designed as an auxiliary air source and may contain harmful contaminants which if inhaled may cause injury or death.

General cleaning and use

Do not use dry cleaning products as these may degrade the nylon to PVC lamination bonding causing separation.

Clean using clean fresh water. Never use anything abrasive, harsh or rough.

Do not carry anything sharp or pointed in the pockets

Store with a small amount of air in the jacket

Long term storage in a cool dry dark place is recommended to prolong the life and flexibility of the nylon.

Warning .

This is not a life jacket and face up flotation cannot be guaranteed in all conditions.


Your overall buoyancy will typically vary from the start to the end of your dive due to the tank becoming lighter as you consume air. Make sure you are neutrally weighted with a tank low on air so you can stop with comfort at your safety stop. Excess weighting can be potentially harmful.

Pre dive assembly.

Adjust your BCD so that is does not restrict your breathing when inflated

Over Pressure (OP valve)

Familiarise yourself with the position of the OP valve. As it’s name implies the OP valve prevents over inflation of the bladder. The valve automatically vents when the internal pressure exceeds the valve’s spring pressure. The valve will close when the pressure has dropped. The OP valve can be operated manually to vent air.

Remote Exhaust Valve (RE valve)

The RE valve operated by simply pulling on the power inflator mechanism. Ensure all valves are secure and tightly threaded down before use.

Power Inflator.

Your BCD is also equipped with a power inflator/oral inflator mechanism. The power inflator operated over a range of 6.5-13.8 bar.

To inflate the BCD orally depress the Oral Valve button and breathe into the mouthpiece.


Pre dive Check

Before first use soak the tank band as it may stretch on initial use. After leaving to soak for a while re-tension it to take out the initial stretch. Failure to do so could cause inadequate clamping and may allow the tank to slip out of the band.

Check to make sure that the threaded fittings at the rapid exhaust valve and over pressure release valves are tight.

Inflate the BCD until the OP vents and listen for any leaks. If any are found then this must be attended to.

Leave BCD inflated for at least 15 minutes after which it should still be firmly inflated.

Lifting heavy objects using the buoyancy of the BCD is not recommended. A loss of grip would result in a rapid ascent with potentially dangerous results


Start the descent by releasing air slowly either through the inflator by holding it above your head and pushing on the exhaust button or by pulling gently on the inflator to open the RE valve

Do not use excessive force as this may damage the mechanism.

Post Dive Cleaning.

Rinse thoroughly inside and out with fresh clean water after use.

Maintenance and care of your Red Hat Diving BCD

Through proper maintenance you should get many years of wear from your Red Hat Diving BCD. The following preventative steps are a must

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Never rest heavy/sharp objects on it

Do not store damp or folded but slightly inflated in a cool dry location

Rinse thoroughly inside and out with fresh clean water after use.


Your BCD should be inspected by a competent person at least once a year.

Enjoy your diving




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