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Paddock stands

Front chock MWC-07


A quality and well made front wheel stand/chock with adjustable pivoting cradle.

There are other similar chocks on the market but do they have all the features and adjustability of these? In my opinion no other on the market gives more adjustability, security or stability.

Multi position pivot to provide optimum support for the front wheel.

It can be screwed to the floor or used free standing as a paddock stand.

Rubber feet and heavy duty steel construction.

Fits wheels from 12” to 22”  See note below *

Facility to add a lock or a strap (not included)

Adjustable for both height and reach.

The cradle has 5 positions and the tyre stop has 2 fore and aft plus 2 height making 20 different combinations of adjustment. There has to be one to suit your bike in that lot

Eyebolts to strap your bike down.

Wheel your bike in for automatic locking. Simply roll your bike back to release

This can be used for both transport or to keep your bike while garaged. Keeps your bike upright for minimum storage space or easier to clean and work on.

A recent buyer bought 2 and when he came to assemble them found the swivelling cradle did not line up perfectly with the V at the front.  I checked mine and discovered it was the same. A bit of research suggests it is this way on purpose as it adds a wedging sort of fit. He has since told me that both stands work great so if yours seems a bit out of alignment then it it is design feature. That's my story anyway.


* Basic physics lesson. The manufacturers state wheels up to 22" but I would like to add a qualifier to that. Your bike  hinges at the headstock with the large majority of it's weight behind the headstock so unless your bike is upright the weight can cause it to swivel at the headstock and fall over taking the chock with it. The taller the bike the greater the effect. These chocks are great if used sensibly. I use one on my Triumph T100. They can be used on the back wheel though where this is not a problem. However it is used the bike has to be completely upright and straight and may need a bit of experimenting with the various settings to find one perfect for your wheel.


Front chock MWC-07  £49.99   Add to cart




Bolt to your trailer or garage floor for added security.

Latest shipment all black and ready assembled



Rear stand.MWC-12. If your bike has bobbins on the swinging arm you might find the front stand more suitable. The stands are the same. It is only yhe inserts that differ.

£29.00    Add to cart

Motorcycle front stand. Also suitable for a rear stand for a bike with bobbins on the swinging arm.MWC-11 £29.00   Add to cart

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