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Weight belts, weight moulds and accessories

Die cast aluminium moulds. Use again and again to cast your own weights. It's easier than you think. All you need is a stove and common sense. You don't need to cast many weights at today's prices for the mould to pay for itself..

I don't stock these in large numbers so please check for stock levels before purchase



Weight moulds to make standard slab weights.Picture shows all 3 sizes of mould plus a 2lb weight showing style of finished casting

New stock arriving shortly. 


2lb £45.50  Add to cart    

4lb £53.00  Add to cart    

6lb  £60.00 Add to cart   

Weight belt  £6.95

1.5 metres of heavy duty plain 50mm webbing with buckle as shown below Add to cart  Out of stock



             Stainless  weight belt buckle. 3 slot

                                    £3.95   Add to cart

50mm webbing sold by length. Suitable for harnesses, weight belts or any project of your fancy

Black only . Priced per metre


2.2mm thick £1.70  
2.4mm thick £1.85  
3.00mm £2.20  


Weight belt with velcro sealed pouches. Each pouch will take around 6lbs. Webbing runs full length of the belt not just a bit tacked on each end like some of the more expensive ones.

Stainless buckle included

Size is the size measured over your suit.


Small 4 pouch.27" - 35"        Add to cart
Medium. 5 pouch 30" - 40"    Add to cart
Large 6 pouch    34" - 44".   Add to cart
Ex large  7 pouch   40" - 50" Add to cart out of stock


Weight retainers

Weight retainers

Plastic weight retainers for 50mm webbing. Good grip. Not the smooth easy slip type. 

If you want more than 1 alter the amount when you reach your shopping basket and click "recalculate".

50p each





Pink      add to cart

Blue      Add to cart

Green    Add to cart

Yellow    Add to cart

Black     Add to cart  

Orange  Add to cart

Weight retainer Stainless steel


£1.99  Add to cart   out of stock

Billy ring  1


£3.95  Add to cart



      Billy ring 2


£5.95  Add to cart

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