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Congratulations Karen on breaking a world record using a Red Hat Diving wing


Karen van den Oever, a technical diver from South Africa, set a new women’s diving depth record after diving 236m (774 feet) into Boesmansgat Cave in the Northern Cape province on open circuit scuba with trimix 6/85 as the bottom mix. Boesmansgat Cave, also known as “Bushman’s Sinkhole” is the deepest underwater freshwater cave (or sinkhole) in South Africa’s Northern Cape province that has been explored to a depth of 282.6 meters (927 ft).

For the best value range of BCDs on the UK market. Praised by "Sport Diver" for their "robust build quality"

Although not shown on all pictures every wing and BCD comes with an inflator hose.


BCD Sizing  -  See chart at the bottom.






replacement for the hugely popular Cratos. -see review pages- for both demanding divers and instructors. This is a completely new model not to be confused with the ScubaL version of the Cratos which was sold in America as the Orion.

A tri-laminate 850 denier cordura weight integrated bcd for just over half the price of the competition.

In recent Sport Diver tests the Red Hat Diving bcds were praised for their robust build quality.

BCD Sizing        

The most important measurements for correct BCD sizing are the chest and waist measurements. If your chest and waist are within a particular size but your height and weight fall slightly within another size, we suggest going with the size of your chest and waist. Please note that  our BCDs are VERY adjustable. 

These sizes are the makers recommendations but I find the Red Hat ones are very generously sized. If you border on two sizes I would go for the smaller. The Red Hat XXL is huge.

Comparable to 

Seac Sub Pro 200 RRP £395
Mares Icon RRP £399.95
Cressi Back Jac Typical discounted price £339

 £259 inc vat

  CE Certified

Full function bcd with easy to replace components. The air cell (bladder) and harness separate.

Duragon trilaminate Cordura

Back protection system.

Onova swivel low profile OPV.

Dual position chest straps

Self locking weight release system. One hand release.

Dual cylinder straps

Dual size knife holder

twin rear trim pockets

Roll out SMB pocket

6 Stainless D rings

5 sizes


CHEST     34-38.5" 36-40" 39-44" 41-46"  


  28-35" 32-39" 37-44" 38-46"  
HEIGHT     5'2" - 5' 7 5'6"-5'9" 5' 9" - 6' 5' 11" - 6' 8"  
WEIGHT (LBS)     110-140 140-165 165-200 200-235  



Before ordering an Orion please check your size is in stock as I only keep these in small numbers

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Maximus wings


Now in stock. New design of modular wing.

  Maximus BCD with choice of 5 wings, 3 back plates, 2 harnesses and 7 pockets. single and twin adaptors, stainless twinning bands and a whole range of other parts to allow you to have the wing of your choice.


Wings:- 90lb double, 90lb single, 60lb single 50lb single and a 30lb donut single.


The Red Hat Diving Maximus wing system , the new breed of wing style BCD,  designed to meet today's style of diving. The stainless or aluminium (optional) back plate combines with harness and bladder (wing) to create a fully-functional BCD with excellent and flexible buoyancy, proper trim, suitable weight, efficient propulsion and integrated life support. With pockets and other accessories to tailor it to your exact requirements from a lightweight travel wing to a 90lb double bladder wing there is a package for you.


See independent review from a respected journalist for an article in Scottish Diver



  • Padded  back plate, double mounting slot, crotch strap, perimeter mounting holes,  A choice of anodised colours on the aluminium backplate.

  • The stainless plate provides around 6 lbs of non-detachable weight evenly distributed across the divers’ back.

  • Heavy-duty shoulder straps in combination with optional chest strap allow infinite adjustability. 

  • 316 stainless D-rings.

  • Two dump valves located at the bottom, rear of the horseshoe bladder. One on the 30lb doughnut bladder.

  • Adjustable waist band with  a quick release, stainless buckle provides.

  • Lift Capacity: 30lb, 50lb, 66lb, 66lb double, 90 lb or 90lb double.

  • 840 Denier Nylon backed to prevent abrasion and punctures. 

  • You choose, type of harness, (Basic, Sport or Premium) type of back plate, size of wing.

  • Available as extra, Cargo and weight pockets

  • The unique elastomeric bands (use is optional) assist in deflation, but still allow the diver to orally inflate the BC. Sopras Sub have silicone tubing. Optional for the Red Hat Diving wings.
  • Bands evenly compress the BC, eliminating the massive airshift associated with non-banded BCs that typically occurs when changing body plane.
  • Typically retract the BC to a width less than the divers’ shoulders, greatly reducing Drag and Snag potential.
  • By adding or eliminating bands in different parts of the BC, the diver can adjust lateral trim to compensate for stage bottles, cameras, etc.Horizontal trim e.g. head up, down or level. All components available seperately or buy a package comprising wing harness and backplate for a saving.

Red Hat Diving Maximus wings

30lb donut wing

Inner bladder in 420 denier nylon with the outer in a super heavy duty 1500denier cordura.


£179.00    OUT OF STOCK


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                            30lb wing spares.
Outer casing  £81       Add to cart     
Inner bladder £36.00   Add to cart
Inflator assembly complete £36.00   Add to cart OUT OF STOCK
manual oprv   Classic over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread. £3.50     Add to cart
manual oprv.  Innova swivel over pressure valve. Suits all current Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. Coarse thread £3.50     Add to cart

Maximus 50lb and 60lb horseshoe wing

50lb £185.00   add to cart

60lb £189.00   add to cart


Quote from P.K. "excellent product this is replacing my OMS bladder.

Due to a few buyers wanting surgical tubing instead of elastic bungess the 50lb wing does not have any bungees. Bungee elastic can be found on the wing spares page.

 Replacement inner bladder for 50 and 60lb wings. All other parts are as 30lb wing above

50lb inner bladder £38.00



60lb inner bladder £39.00



90lb wing


  90lb single bladder      £199.00    Add to cart

  90/90 double bladder  £270.00    Add to cart


Replacement bladder. All other parts are as 30lb wing


90lb inner bladder  £41.00  


Sopras Sub wings.

Coming shortly

Donut X-Tech 20L  Black

Donut X-Tech 20L  Red

Donut X-Tech 20L  Kevlar


Stainless steel backplate


The foundation for all wings is a good quality backplate. The Red Hat Diving backplate will last you a lifetime.

All the holes and slots you are likely to need.

3mm  2.3kg/5lbs approx

The latest batch have "RED HAT" laser cut down the spine. Doesn't make any difference to its use but I had one whinger who complained because it wasn't the same as the pic


Made in UK from 316 marine grade, laser cut and rumbled to take off all sharp edges. Gives a dull slightly matt look. Some of the plates have slight marks where they have rubbed against each other in the rumbler but to rumble each one individually would put the price up.

£79.00    Add to cart






Aluminium back plate with all the slots and holes you need to suit any configuration of twin or single cylinders. weight 760 grams. 

Also available Sopras Sub in silver but with fewer holes and slots. See DIR harness pictured on Sopras Sub backplate


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Fits all harnesses except the Premium. A good looking piece of kit and lightweight for travel. Optional soft pad.

Plate only         £26.00   Add to cart


Sopras Sub


Black anodized ultralight back plate in aluminium.


out of stock



Red Hat Diving Maximus Premium harness.

Full de-luxe harness. Includes comfort pad. stainless buckle, crotch strap, This harness is a complete unit. The backplate slides in behind the soft pad.


Weight 2kg


£115.00          Add to cart


1 or 2 left

Check before ordering

Red Hat Diving Maximus Sport harness. Harness only

Webbing harness plus two side release fasteners. One stainless weight belt buckle, chest strap, shoulder pads and D rings. Bought with a package or a back plate this will be already assembled but if bought separately you will have to do it yourself, unless you are collecting. Harness only. Does not include pockets shown in picture. The price has just gone up as this now includes soft pad.


£95.00         Add to cart

Sopras Sub adjustable harness.

If you want the security and simplicity of a harness that cannot come apart if a buckle breaks but need the adjustment for ease of donning that a DIR harness doesnt provide then this is the one for you.  Only available with the stainless steel backplate shown as the D rings are sewn on after assembly.



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Sopras Sub Basic Tek harness


Without backplate.


Assemble onto your backplate or if bought with one of our backplates it can be supplied assembled




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Sopras Sub 20 litre (44lb) BCD style wing.


Limited sizes in stock.


Rear view







1 medium

1 large


Sopras Sub 20 Litre )44lb) travel BCD style wing.


Front view



Sopras Sub 20 litre (44lb)travel wing 


Pink camo






1 small

1 medium

Sopras Sub travel wing blue camo.




Medium only.



2 left



This  wing BCD is available in 3 different colour combinations and features:
• High volume (20 litres) double bladder (Cordura for the outside and Nylon 200D for the inside)
• Total 6 S.S. D rings for equipment fitting on the shoulders and under the weight pockets
• Quick release and adjustable shoulder webbing strap
• Soft Harness with padding on the back (no hard plate, ideal for travellers!)
• Large pockets for equipment storage or weights (up to 4kgs on each side)
• Two cylinder straps with trim weight pockets (up to 3kgs each)


Clearance prices as only available in limited options




Size XS S M L XL XXL  
Height cm 150-160 155-170 170-180 178-185 185-190 190-200  
Weight kg 45-53 50-65 65-80 77-95 90-105 105-125  

Pockets for wings are on a seperate page, go to POCKETS

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