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Hoses, Hose ends and adaptors.




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low pressure regulator hoses

Standard fit regulator hose. Black


27"long    LP-27B. £12.70  Add to cart

32" long   LP-32B.£13.20    Add to cart

36" long   LP-36B   £13.70  Add to cart

Standard fitting regulator hose Yellow. Suitable for octopus AAS.

Protector shown not included.

36" ,92cm long. LP-36Y £14.50        Add to cart

39" ,1 metre" long.  LP-39Y -£14.50 Add to cart

2 metres long. LP-78Y -  £19.50     Add to cart

Regulator hoses braided Extraflex


The image shows an Extraflex hose with a BCD fitting. This is to show you the flexibility of the Extraflex hoses. If you find your hose trying to tug your 2nd stage out of your mouth then perhaps a more flexible hose is what you need

Regulator low pressure hose braided 27" black,  £18.50                      Add to cart

Regulator low pressure hose braided. 36" black  £21.50 

Regulator low pressure hose braided  1 metre"  39"yellow £21.50 

Regulator low pressure hose braided . 1.5 metres yellow £21.50       Add to cart  out of stock

Regulator low pressure hose braided . 2.0 metres yellow £24.50       Add to cart


Low pressure inflator hoses, BCD/Dry suit

Standard fit inflator hose. Fits most BCDs and many drysuits.

IFLP-1 27" long  3/8" thread   £15.70 Add to cart

IFLP-2 29" long  3/8" thread   £15.90 Add to cart

IFLP-3 33" long   3/8" thread  £16.20 Add to cart

Extraflex braided inflator hose. Fits most BCDs and many drysuit inflators.


hose IFLP-1E  black 68.5CM (27")

£18.70.  Add to cart

hose IFLP-1E  blue 68.5CM (27")

£18.70.  add to cart

hose IFLP-2E  black 90.5CM (36")

£19.70.  add to cart

hose IFLP-2E  blue 90.5CM (36")

£19.70. add to cart

High pressure hoses

Standard fit high pressure hoses, swivel at one end and 7/16 thread to fit most 1st stage HP ports on the other end.

Hose. HP-6 High pressure hose. 15cm/6"  Black     £16.00.    Add to cart

Hose. HP-23 High pressure hose. 60cm 23.5"  Black  £18.50. 

Hose. HP-31 High pressure hose. 80cm/31.5"  Black  £19.00.  


Spools/pins for high pressure swivels



Spool1  Add to cart

Spool 2 Add to cart OUT OF STOCK

Spool 3 Add to cart

Adaptors, swivels and hose ends


SA-01Hose swivel. 360 degrees.Fits between hose and 2nd stage. with spare O rings. £16.00 Add to cart out of stock


SA-02 Hose swivel as above with overhaul kit, spare O ring and silicone grease £18.95 Add to cart  Out of stock


SA-03 90 degree hose swivel.  Fits between hose and 2nd stage. £12.90   Add to cart


SA-04  110 degree hose swivel.. Fits between hose and 2nd stage £12.90  Add to cart



SA-05  360 degree hose swivel 3/8ths thread. 110 degrees. Fits between hose and 1st stage For 90 degree see SA-07 below. £12.90 Add to cart



SA-06 90/360 degree high pressure hose swivel  7/16

 £12.90. Add to cart



SA-07  90 degree swivel. 1st stage  3/8. Fits between 1st dtage and hose.


 £12.90.  add to cart

SA-08  1-2 LP  swivel  3/8ths thread.


 £12.90.  add to cart


SA-09  1-2   LP swivel  3.8ths thread


 £12.90.add to cart


AD-30     Single Male 9/16-18 (most regulator hoses2nd stage end)  to double Female 3/8-24 (most regulator hoses 1st stage end).

   £12.90  add to cart

AD-1-3   1 to 3 adaptor for when you are short of ports on your regulator. Fits most popular regulators.  Chromed brass



3/8 to fit most lp ports  Add to cart

7/16 to fit most hp ports

Port thread adaptors.



The sizes given are the threads on the adaptor not the thread you are adapting

ie if you wanted to put a 3/8 hose in a 1/2 port you would need an adaptor 3/8 female to 1/2 male  AD-1

 These come from more than one supplier so the number in brackets is a reminder to me. If you get one with what seems to be the wrong number then it probably came from the suppliers number in brackets. 

  1/2 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female. This allows  a standard fitting regulator hose to be connected to a 1/2 port.

AD-1  (AD-04)   Add to cart  

7/16 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female

AD-2  (AD-06)   Add to cart
 7/16 UNF female to 3/8 UNF male. 


AD-3   Add to cart
  3/8 UNF male to ½ UNF female. 


AD-4   Add to cart

9/16 UNF male to 3/8 UNF female. 


AD-5   Add to cart

Hose ends.

Convertors to fit all regulator hoses. Ideal for the situations where you need an extra long inflator hose.Connect one of these to a long regulator hose.

HF-1   Apeks dry suit valve. The bull nose type.   Aquatec air 3 etc.

£11.42  Add to cart


HF-2   Suits most inflator/regulator assemblies with larger than standard fitting, Buddy Auto Air (not Mk1) Scubapro Air 2 Apeks,  etc

£12.60 Add to cart


HF-3 Standard BCD fitting will suit most BCDs and dry suits not covered by HF-1

£10.40  Add to cart

Decanting/Balancing hoses.

All hoses 1.5 metres long.

With 350 bar dual scale gauge or digital gauge


The version without a gauge does not have a T piece as it is ready to use. If you need a T piece fitting but no gauge please email  me first as this is not one of the options listed below. The threads are all standard threads so if you want to swap bits around or alter the hose after purchase then I am sure your local plumbers merchant could sort you out. I stock no fittings other than those listed below.

Decanting hose with 300 bar DIN fittings.

Analogue gauge pictured


No gauge          £64.00  add to cart

Analogue gauge £85.00  add to cart

Decanting hose Aclamp/Yoke fittings


No gauge           £70.00   Add to cart

Analogue gauge  £90.00   Add to cart


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