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Fins  & Fin straps           This page is still under construction so if you want a pair of spring fin straps drop me a line.

All spring fin straps lengths are given as unstretched and from centres of hole indicated. The length depends on the fit of your fins on your boots and not the size of your fins.

Fin strap SS-04 shown but the same applies to all the straps. Note the keyhole buckle as shown above now has a threaded pin to stop them coming off. This can be seen on the picture of FSS-04X and SS-04

Lengths below are unstretched so allow about 60mm for stretch



   Small   Medium Large   X Large
SS-04   275          295  315    335


SS-04 plain black with plain buckle  £16.00

SS -01 plain black with QR buckle   £16.70

FSS-04X coloured tab plain buckle  £17.00

FSS-01X coloured tab QR buckle    £17.70

Spring fin straps in colours black, red, yellow, blue, white and grey.

2 types of buckle

Top FSS-04X £17.00


Bottom FSS-01X£17.70



Small Red

Small Black

Small Blue

Small Grey

Small Yellow

Small White

Medium Red

Medium Black

Medium Blue

Medium Grey

Medium Yellow

Medium White

Large Red

Large Black

Large Blue

Large Grey

Large Yellow

Large White


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Spring straps SS-01 with quick release strap





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