Red Hat Diving Equipment
Red Hat Diving Equipment

Apart from diving another main hobby has been motorcycling. I have retired from sidecar racing now but taken up the gentler sport of sprinting so to cover the costs I have decided to add another section to my website.

The two main lines are

Tarazon -  footrests, rearsets, and clip on handlebars.

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Red Hat branded paddock stands

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Coming soon  - nitrous oxide refills


Rearsets in black or silver


Folding footrests black or silver


Billet footrests black or silver


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Tarazon clip on handlebars

Black or silver

33mm - 53mm


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This is just one of the range of stands.

The gear change linkage on my T100 vintage sprinter showing the rearsets and the ball joints. The exhaust doesn't foul the gearchange. It is the angle of the photo.

It may seem more complicated than needed but it was the only way I could fit a link that didn't foul either the exhaust, kickstart or clutch cable. You would think  it would be a simple matter but no. This is the Mk4.

We are located at:

Red Hat Diving Equipment

Unit 2a
The Holmes



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