Red Hat Diving Equipment
Red Hat Diving Equipment

Reel RL-1. Heavy duty nylon line

with  thumb operated ratchet and snap lock clip

RL-1 80 metres of line




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      Reel RL-2 Heavy duty nylon line

      with  thumb operated ratchet and snap lock clip


       RL-2 over 40 metres.




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 Line reel with aluminium handle

DR-06 150ft,   £23.00

DR-07 290ft.   £24.00


DR-06 yellow spool     Add to cart


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DR-07 yellow spool     Add to cart


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Finger reel with nylon reel

DR-05  20 metres       £7.99

DR-03  30 metres       £8.70

DR-04 50 metres        £9.50


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     DR-05 Red line           Add to cart

     DR-05 White line       Add to cart

     DR-03  Yellow line     Add to cart

                                                DR-03  Red line          Add to cart  

                                                DR -03 White line      Add to cart

                                                 DR-04 yellow line       Add to cart

                                                 DR-04  Red line           Add to cart

                                                DR-04   White line      Add to cart      


30 metre finger reel with folding handles


Great holiday reel. Use for bottom line or smb. As above but with clip in and fold down handle and crank for easy pocket storage. Yellow line only.


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Finger reel with stainless steel spool

DR-16 20metres of line   £10.90

DR-14  30 metres of line  £11.90

DR-15   50 metres of line  £12.90


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     DR-16 Red line          Add to cart

     DR-16 White line       

     DR-14  Yellow line    

     DR-14  Red line          

     DR -14White line      

     DR-15 yellow line       

     DR-15  Red line           

     DR-15   White line     

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