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Red Hat Diving Equipment


Pressure gauges

Sopras Sub Pressure gauge 400 bar. 


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Pressure gauge 55mm in rubber protective boot      with hose and swivel. 


Sopras Sub  Pressure gauge, Nitrox/Oxygen  400 bar. 

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Pressure gauge 55mm in protective boot with hose and swivel. 

Sopras Sub standard Pressure gauge 300 bar.

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Pressure gauge 65mm in rubber protective boot with hose, and swivel.


PG350. CE certified 350 bar pressure gauge with swivel and 32" hose.

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Pony cylinder, mini gauge   0 - 350 bar

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Pressure and depth gauges. 2 and 3 instrument consoles.


pressure gauge and depth gauge.    

CE approved with 32" hose and swivel.

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SPG, Depth and compass. As PG-2 above but with compass on the reverse.

£105.00  add to cart

Swivel pins see hoses


Gauges for setting regulators see


spares and tools

Check gauges see Tools

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