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Neoprene glue, 30gram tube  £2.59 


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Dry suit hanger


Extremely robust hanger suitable for storing your dry suit. Slide the legs into the slots with the boots uppermost and hang upside down.

£8.00   Add to cart  out of stock

BCD Hanger HG-01


£6.90    OUT OF STOCK


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Octopus holders

Clip on/pull apart octopus holder.  OH-01  £7.00

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Octopus holder  MH-01/02    £3.60


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Octopus holder necklace type. 

MH-03  £3.00

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Octopus holder

standard mouthpiece  yellow MH-04   £2.90  add to cart

standard mouthpiece  orange MH-04   £2.90 add to cart

comfibite mouthpiece  yellow  MH-05   £3.90 add to cart

Dry Boxes

Dry boxes available in yellow, black or blue

snap clips and rubber seal.

Dry box medium.   DB-2  £8.50


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Dry box large   DB-1 £11.75.

Snap clips, rubber seal, handle.

9" x 6.5" x 5.5"


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Sopras Sub heavy duty dry box  £89.00

Provision for padlock

Sectioned foam insert for personal fitting.

Pressure relief valve

External 35cm x48cm x19cm

Internal 32cm x45cm x17cm.

Same as the Underwater Kinetics Ultra except for the price and of course the logo.


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CPR mask in case

Durable polymer face mask with attachment for O2 line in strong protective case.  

An essential for speedy and efficient in water resuscitation

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50mm webbing. Black only

  50mm webbing priced per metre

  • 1.2mm     £1.20   Add to cart
  • 2.2mm     £1.70.  Add to cart
  • 2.4mm     £1.85.  out of stock
  • 3.00mm   £2.20.  out of stock

O ring kit 01

18 sizes  200 pieces  £26.95   Add to cart

O ring Kits

O ring kit 02

38 sizes  450 pieces


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O ring kit  03  Viton

Suitable for O2  14 sizes  140 pieces

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Mesh Bag

• Dimension (LxWxH): 65x27x35 Cm/26x11x14 Inch.

• Weight: 0.6 Kgs/1.32 Lbs.

• Volume: 61 L/3,721 C.In.

• Lightweight and foldable .

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Bag Explorer.

You have seen the quality of the Red Hat Diving BCDs and wings. These come from the same manufacturer.

• Dimension (LxWxH): 72x36x30 cm / 28.3x14.1x11.8 Inch.
• Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.9 Lbs.
• Volume: 81.3 L / 4959.3
• Drainage holes on the bottom.
• A long compartment and a strap for handle.


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Din cap £2.20  Add to cart


Din plug £2.20  Add to cart

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